When you purchase our energy saver Infrared Heaters you will see a great reduction in your electricity bill and keep our environment green since it reduces carbon footprint


ES 500 Infrared Heater so you can heat your home much less than other heaters. Also reduces your carbon footprint by heating for less electricity

Sale Price $129 $99

Great Price on a Great Heater...
For areas up to 600 sq ft...
You can be a good world citizen by Reducing Carbon Footprint of your home with a ES-500 Infrared Heater. The energy efficiency of it will save on your electricity bill which is good for the earth


The electric infrared heater ES1500 has the capacity to heat up to 1000 square feet of your home. You can use it to heat smaller spaces as well

Sale Price $179 $149

Good for areas up to 1000 sq ft... 
The ES-1500 Infrared Heater heats up to 1000 square feet for pennies an hour in electricity consumption. Start saving on your electricity bill today


The Infrared Heater With Flame Display will heat up to 1000 square feet using approximately ten cents an hour of electricity

Sale Price $199 $149

ONLY 3 Installments of $57 Each
here you can read more about our energy saving infrared heater the ES-2000 that help you reduce carbon footprint. Saving the environment is number one with us


Energy Saver Infrared Heaters ES2500 is more advanced than any other electric heaters that you can find today. They literally pay for themselves by reducing electricity biils

Sale Price $199 $169

ONLY 3 Installments of $63 Each
2 in 1 Heater - Heater / Purifier.
Attractive Faux Flame design...

You can read more about our ES-2500 Infrared Heater on its product page. There you will find the details about the infrared heater will be reducing carbon footprint


The Energy Saver ES3000 Infrared Heater are made to give you years of heating and save you hundreds of dollars over the course of its life. Start saving today or just prepare for next winter

Sale Price $259 $229

3 Installments of $83 Each

4 in 1 Heater - This Unit has it all.
Heater / Humidifier / Ionizer / Purifier...
Reducing carbon footprints are a major concern of the worlds citizens. The Energy Saver ES-3000 Infrared Heater will help you reduce carbon footprint of your home

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